Care Coordination Resource Alaska


Noel Tanap

Noel was born and raised in Hawaii and, is a recent transplant to Alaska. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hawaii Pacific University. Noel joined Care Coordination of Alaska in 2020, having previously worked as a Resident Crisis manager and behavioral health technician, helping people with mental illness transition into the community. He was drawn to working with […]

Sarah Blastick

Sarah has been with Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska (ARA) for over years.  She initially worked as the program assistant for the care coordination department.  Sarah has been providing care coordination services to seniors with ARA since June 2019.

Before working with ARA, she worked as a behavioral health associate with Denali Family Services.  Sarah worked with young children and teens […]

Tami Balts

Tami graduated from Biola University with a BA in Psychology. Her interest and the majority of her career has been in working with people with multiple challenges: intellectual & developmental disabilities, physical conditions & illnesses, substance abuse, mental health disorders, etc. Tami’s choice of careers was heavily influenced by her experiences with her youngest brother, who was born with a […]

Debra Burt

Debra came to the agency as an intern in the Education Department in 2016, during her senior year in the Social Work program at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. After completion of that program, she was hired as the program assistant and has worked her way up to the care coordinator role. Debra is certified to work with all waiver […]

Gabriela Harbison

Gabriela is fluent in English and Spanish and has experience on both sides of the tortilla of caregiving. She was the caregiver for her own mother and through her work as a Care Coordinator has a lot of experience with assisted living homes and other professional caregiving programs. Her professional and personal experiences make her passionate about helping seniors get […]

Joe Morgan

Joe has a long history of social work as a director of a transitional housing program for homeless men and a food and clothing pantry. Joe has over six years of experience as a care coordinator and administer of his own agency. Joe is certified to work with all five waiver types, but focuses on the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities […]

Elizabeth Smith

For more than years, Liz has been working in Care Coordination and focusing her efforts on helping people get onto the Home and Community Based Waiver and working with the in-home folks who do not qualify for the waiver. Recently she has moved into serving the rural communities.

Liz works with seniors, and with people who have Intellectual and Developmental […]

Sarah Olson

Sarah is a master grant requestor, resource allocating, care coordination fashionista. Her extremely extroverted personality helps her provide supports and find creative solutions to help her senior clients in the community.

She is professional, yet relaxed, approachable and passionate about helping the members of the community. She truly believes in supporting one another to make the community better. If there is […]

Brandy Barnes

Brandy has been providing Care Coordination services since 2007. While she completed her schooling, Brandy was hired by People First of Alaska, Anchorage Chapter and worked as a mentor, providing assistance and guidance to the board and members to expand advocacy and disability awareness throughout the state.

When Brandy met her cousin who communicated with ASL after losing his hearing at […]