Care Coordination Resource Alaska

Nicholas Marinelli

Care Coordinator

As a care coordinator, I am an advocate. My responsibility is to guide individuals who experience dementia related symptoms, and those who experience physical and/or intellectual disabilities. My roll, with support from the team, is to write the individual’s plan for supports granted under an annual waiver. The goal is to ensure they have enough support so that they can have the choice to remain autonomous in their home and community. I meet with the individual on a monthly basis to ensure the quality and adequacy of the services they are receiving. Additionally, I work with the individual’s entire team (family, medical provider, habilitative providing agency, etc.) coordinating satisfactory services for them; helping them connect to the local available resources.

I have been a Care Coordinator with ARA since October 2019.

Prior to becoming a care coordinator I have worked both in health and human services and education. During my time in the health and human services field I’ve been responsible for direct support, case management, and coordination of services.

I have a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.

The majority of my case load consists of IDD Waivers and in the past I primarily worked with folks who experience an intellectual and/or developmental disability. I have a strong understanding of what it means to be an advocate and how to act as a support for individuals and families.

Throughout my career my work has been devoted to building stronger communities. I believe that the more individuals who are able to participate in the community the stronger the community is. My goal as a Care Coordinator is to help people remain in a place of their choosing, as a participant in their community. I want to working with individuals to identify the resources available and select services that best fit their needs.